Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen


Method: reading and writing theories + creating posters + creating concept guides Duration: summer semester 2020 Critics: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Master mehr

Building Analysis

Method: Building Analysis Duration: summer semester 2020 Critics: Jennifer Botzki, Dr. Mark Kammerbauer, Prof. Tobias Kogelnig, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Bachelor 4 mehr

Building History

Method: Documentation in a learning diary Duration: summer semester 2020 Persons: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Kerstin Weiß, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Bachelor 2 mehr


Housing VI

Method: building analysis and model Duration: winter semester 2019/20 Critics:  Anja Davé, Prof. Carola Dietrich, Markus Honka, Gunther Schmidt, Mathieu Wellner, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Bachelor 3 mehr

BauNetz recommended reading: residential structures

Recommended reading by Baunetz: The Public Private House by Richard Woditsch Contribution from 10.07.19: To study the Polykatoikia also means to study the evolution of Greek cities. That's what the Berlin architect Richard Woditsch says, who did his doctorate on this topic and has now published an anthology by Park Books. mehr

BDA-SARP-Award 2019

BDA-SARP-Award 2019 awarded  The Association of German Architects BDA and the Polish Architects Association SARP have awarded this year's BDA-SARP-Award. The endowed with € 2,500 Bilateral Junior Research Award is awarded to graduates of the field of architecture. The main prize went to a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology. In addition, a special award went to Wroclaw and three awards to Munich and Nuremberg. mehr

Architecture and power: German architects in National Socialism - and afterwards

A research project of the Nuremberg University of Technology and the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds Nuremberg Head: Prof. Dr. med. Richard Woditsch Contributors: Bernd Noack, Katinka Strassberger, Markus Honka Research Cooperation: Dr. Ing. Alexander Schmidt mehr

Archive for the collective memory

Topic: How can architecture trigger an awareness of transience and the associated melancholy, and what social relevance and urban space presence should such places have? Author: Fabian Weis Duration: winter semester 2018/19 Auditors: Prof. Carola Dietrich, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Thesis: Master awarded by "Bund deutscher Architekten (BDA)" 17.06.2019 mehr

XS-Living: smallest types of urban living

Method: Conception of an experimental micro-housing in a self-selected urban situation Duration: summer semester 2019 Critics: Prof. Marion Kalmer, Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Richard Woditsch Semester: Bachelor 6 mehr

Academic work

Method: Writing term papers with a academic claim and reference to the project Duration: summer semester 2019 Critics: Dr. Mark Kammerbauer Semester: Master 1 mehr

Megastructures reloaded

Method: The preservation of access to contemporary theoretical concepts, frameworks and tendencies and the engagement with a critique-related discourse Duration: summer semester 2019 Critics: Prof. Ingrid Burgstaller, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Master 1 mehr

Culture buildings III

Method: building analysis and short film Duration: summer semester 2017 Critics:  Prof. Carola Dietrich, Jennifer Botzki, Martin Andrée, Dr. Mark Kammerbauer, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Bachelor 4 mehr

Domusweb book review: The Public Private House

A contribution by George Kafka: The Public Private House is an intensive and densely architectural book with very few architects. Instead of being the main character of an intriguing and perplexing protagonist that snakes its way through the city of Athens like a Sophoclean tragic hero, is the polykatoikia. Athens wants to instantly recognize polykatoikies as the defining typology of the city's urban landscape - more than any acropolis or other feature of the attican built environment. mehr


Duration: winter semester 2018/19 Critics: Prof. Nadja Letzel, Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch, Prof. Dr. Susanne Weissman Semester: Master 1 mehr


Method: Derivation of a spatial constellation from literary narration in the form of selected short stories and narratives of world literature Duration: winter semester 2018/19 Critics: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Guest critics: Dr. Hélène Frichot, Dr. Mark Kammerbauer, Mathieu Wellner, Prof. Nadja Letzel, Prof. Niels Jonkhans Semester: Master 1 mehr