Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

Best Before – Terrace Hub

Time: Summersemester 2023

Semester: Bachelor

The role of architecture in the fight against climate change is a key issue in today’s social debate. The question arises as to what means budding architects can use to contribute to sustainable change. In our summer semester project, we are taking an indepth look at this topic and exploring how stopping the demolition of older buildings can mark a turning point in the construction industry.
The studio is dedicated to developing sociopolitical and designstrategic approaches to explore the potential of transforming existing buildings. We are focusing in particular on the city of Nuremberg, which is strongly characterised by buildings from the postwar period. These buildings, which are often seen as inconspicuous and lacklustre, harbour untapped potential that needs to be discovered.
As part of the project, students are encouraged to create innovative designs that reveal the hidden potential of this architecture. The aim is to present sustainable solutions that not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also create added social and cultural value for society.
The project challenges all stakeholders – from planners and clients to politicians and city administrators – to redefine their role in the process of sustainable development. Together, we are striving to make a positive contribution to the ecological balance and quality of life in urban areas.

Article by Paula Grauvogel, Katja Zwingel