Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

Architectural Research

How are science and architecture related to each other? How can architects conduct scientific research? How can students cite sources? And, how can students write text that meets scientific standards? The Architectural Research course serves to address these questions. It reflects the reality of an increasingly interdisciplinary and integrated practice where text, papers, reports and other written formats play a central role. For this purpose, the course addresses the following aspects:

  1. -possible research approaches and objects;
    -how to select literature;
    -how to deal with sources;
    -how to cite and paraphrase information from these sources;
    -how to select research methods;
    -and how to write text that meets scientific standards.
    Students can individually select research questions, literature and methods. This selection is oriented on the topics of the Faculty design projects. The decisive aspect is what students intend to address or answer by developing a research question with scientific orientation.

The aim of the course is to enable students to understand and employ methods of scientific research and the related universal rules and approaches. In the course, students write term papers that are related to the Faculty design projects. The research presented in the term papers should be comprehensible, reproducible, organized in a systematic way and well structured.

Beispielhafte Arbeiten :

Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten ( Richard Woditsch, Mark Kammerbauer)

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Stereometrie als Machtinstrument (Jennifer Botzki, Julia Feher)

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Das neue Architekturverständnis im Nachkriegsdeutschland (Julia Burek, Konstantinos Gavriil)

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Bezahlbare Wohnungen, Mangelware in Deutschland – Zukunftsfähige Konzepte für Studentenwohnheime: Wie reduziert kann Wohnen für Studenten sein? (Annika Ludwig, Ann-Kathrin Brucker)

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Der psychologische Einfluss des Fensters auf den Genesungsprozess (Jennifer Botzki, Katrin Ossadnik)

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