Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

Tomorrow comes today – learning by pooing

Time: Sommersemester 2023

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch, Jonas Urbasik

Semester: Master

In cooperation with the floating e.V., the design takes place on the premises of the Floating University in Berlin Kreuzberg, a place that has evolved into a symbol of a new architectural aesthetic without building permission. Under the term ‘Circular Architecture,’ we challenge the students to embark on new ways of planning and building.

Unlike the previous semester, the focus this semester is on the connections between new and alternative water cycles and the interaction of architecture and infrastructure. We will specifically address valuable resources – such as waste – that have been almost forgotten as by-products. An essential focus here is on the transparency and disclosure of processes and making visible the procedures that are normally withheld from visitors.

The semester can be divided into three phases: Foundations, Elaboration/Implementation, and Evaluation/Documentation. The first phase is characterized by knowledge acquisition and the creation of a publication titled “Learning by pooing.” Students will approach the topic of sanitation transition and uncover the associated challenges.

In the second phase, the results will be summarized to dedicate to the design of a new waterless toilet. Students will collectively build a 1:1 MockUp for the toilet on the premises of the Floating University in Nuremberg, thus laying the foundation for the next decisive step.

In the final phase, an evaluation of the toilet will take place in the form of a testing phase.