Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

This Time Tomorrow

Method: Module 4 Project

Time: Winter semester 2023/24

Instructors: Michael Feil, Patrick Kurzendorfrer, Jonas Urbasik, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch

Semester: Bachelor 5 + Bachelor Thesis

How long can we talk about “the future” before we have to put our words into action? We want to embark on a process that questions the conventions of building and develops a forward-looking architecture, rather than staying stuck in the past.

“Sticking to the growth-based economic model exacerbates resource scarcity, environmental destruction, and the associated social damage. The inherent conflict between growth and climate protection is almost intractable. Therefore, a different material culture and new forms of sociality are required.” (

How can architects build without further endangering the planet? This Time Tomorrow reflects the relationship between the past (original use as a rainwater retention basin), the present (use as the Floating University), and the future. The central theme will be the search for the future of building, even if an answer does not immediately have to be found. It is an attempt to show new ways.

The design takes place in cooperation with the floating e.V. on the site of the Floating University in Berlin Kreuzberg, a place that has become a symbol of a new architectural aesthetic without a building permit. Under the term “circular architecture,” we challenge students to embark on new ways of planning and building.

The Woditsch studio remains committed to its conviction of the past semesters. However, simply abstaining from demolition does not create a transformation at the level of new construction. This semester, we are working on a new building that is reversible, so that the question of demolition is eliminated.

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