Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen


Design solves socially relevant topics by using constructional instruments. Design especially provides the discussion about future development and formations of new typologies, which are caused by the changes in urban and rural environments. The basic approach is to understand the consisting system in order to develop new typologies. Therefor the principles of forming space, organisation and composition are important and need to be learned and used directly. The design work is based on interdisciplinary cooperation, in the faculty itself as well as outside of die faculty – for example together with social scientists, traffic planners and political scientists from partner institutes and practice. The demand is the formulation of independent architectural suggestions in the discussed context. The applied methods are workshop, analysis, graphical and medial presentation and especially model construction.



What will tomorrow be? Cities are constantly reinventing themselves. Everyday places, objects, and structures that were important, if not life-sustaining, are transforming and being rebuilt. Signs of the past blend with the present. mehr

TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS - Reconfigure the city

Duration:  winter semester 22/23 Critics: Jonas Urbasik, Prof. Dr. mehr

Der Domino Effekt

Time: Sommersemester 2022 Critics: Prof. Dr. mehr

"Tempelhofer Collagen" Berlin

Aim: Master design for the "Tempelhofer Feld" in Berlin Time: winter semester 2020/2021 mehr

Floating University Berlin

Method: Master-Design for Berlin Kreuzberg Neukölln Time: Summersemester 2018 Critics: Dipl. Ing. Volker Halbach, Dr. Ing. Mark Kammerbauer Cooperation partners: Raumlabor Berlin, Ecal Lausanne, Kunstuniversität Linz, HNE Eberswalde Semester: Master   mehr

Building Europe: a house for the EC

Occasion: students of the Master-Design „Europahaus“ from WiSem 2015/16 will present their ideas about a house for Europe Time: 13th June 2016, 5.30pm Location: Historischen Rathaussaal, Rathausplatz 2, Nürnberg mehr


Method: Embassy of the EU in 7 different EU national capital cities Duration: winter semester 2015/2016 Critics: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Cooperation partners: The European Democracy Lab; EUROPE DIRECT - Information Centre; Prof. Dr. Tobias Chilla, Institute of Geography at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Semester: Master mehr

BU 4.0

Method: urban design study for a rural community in the Nuremberg metropolitan region Duration: winter semester 2013/2014 Critics: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Guest critics: Anne Lacaton, LACATON & VASSAL ARCHIECTES, Paris mehr

ERA 50 - Erlangen Architecture 2050

Aim: strategies and scenarios for Erlangen's built future Duration: summer semester 2012 Critics: Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Guest critics: Prof. Dr. Alan J. Brookes, TU Delft Cooperation partners: Baureferat der Stadt Erlangen, Kunstpalais Stadt Erlangen Semester: Master mehr

Documenta 13 Pavilion - documenta center of information and communication

Duration: summer semester 2011 Topic: How do you define "places of information, of communication and exchange of ideas" in the 21st century? What can a temporary intervention in the urban context provide for the general public? Critics: Visiting Prof. Caroline Bos, Prof. Florian Fischer, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch mehr