Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

This Time Tomorrow – 5

Time: WS23/24

These: Bachelor

In this design didactics, Nœud follows both a rational-parametric approach with regard to localisation and the urban planning approach, but at the same time maintains a human-intuitive spatial experience with regard to its spatial nature.
Based on six categories – size, capacity, temperature, volume, lighting and degree of openness – a detailed characterisation of the different types of space, as well as the site itself, was carried out.
These categories are conceived as pairs of opposites. By superimposing the characteristics of the room type with those of the property, the interaction of repulsion and attraction of the categories in their entirety results in the exact localisation of each function within this design.
The linking of the individual functions to form a coherent whole is ensured by the geometrically designed routing. The desired spatial relationships of the previously generated basic structure are further sharpened in their presence through the precise design of the passageways, always following the principle of offering future users an approachable spatial experience. Here, a balance is maintained between stringent, efficient access routes and areas and paths that serve to encourage people to linger and socialise.
In their concrete form, the volumes distributed across the site each follow one of two design principles, depending on their function:
Orthogonal modular system – In spaces that require appropriation by the users from the outset, the
In spaces that require appropriation by the users from the outset, a modular system – based on a square grid with constant grid spacing – is used. This ensures continuous adaptability to future requirements and wishes.
Radial dome construction – If the function and user group are subject to a more precise definition, a geodesic dome construction is used. These spheres are adapted to the respective use and represent central meeting places on the campus.
nœud itself represents the active mediation between opposites, but does not
However, it does not commit itself to a permanent and unalterable answer. Rather, a solution space is defined, which is experienced and shaped by the users in a self-determined way.

Article by Katharina Suárez Mosquera