Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

Field Trips

Field trips within the Space-Place-Laboratory (Raum-Ort-Labor) offer the opportunity to acquire an inventory of spatial and architectural solutions as reference for individual design projects. They improve the understanding of architecture by means of analysis, site visit and spatial experience as well as the evaluation of spaces and buildings within their respective context of place, climate and culture. This activity is based on researching existing literature, professional publications, and the internet and is complemented on site by personal encounters with the various actors who shape planning and design processes. Visiting the site and particular buildings leads to strengthening the individual and professional ability of observation. As result, knowledge on existing architecture is expanded and in return supports the individual power of judgment. The ability to illustrate and analyze built examples through sketches serves to document this process.

The individual skill to acquire knowledge on functional composition, typological and structural characteristics as well as architectural form of buildings is fostered. The formulation of individual design concepts and their typological, functional and design-based categorization benefits from this procedure. Group-based activities offer the opportunity to compare individual viewpoints with current societal challenges and debates. The individual and professional knowledge gained enables formulating individual and qualified positions and approaches.

Dadurch wird der eigenständige Erwerb von Kenntnissen zum funktionalen Aufbau von Gebäuden, typologischen und strukturellen Merkmalen sowie der architektonischen Gestalt gefördert. Diese können zur Entwicklung eigener Entwurfskonzepte und deren typologischer, funktionaler und gestalterischer Einordnung genutzt werden. Die Arbeit mit der Gruppe bietet die Möglichkeit des Abgleichs der eigenen Wahrnehmung mit aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen und Positionen. Das individuelle und fachliche Wissen dient dabei der Formulierung einer eigenen, qualifizierten Haltung.


17. International Architecture Exhibition

In October 2021, the entire Faculty of Architecture and its students went to the 17th International Architecture Biennale in Venice. This booth under the theme "Living together" As every year, the students had two days to explore the grounds of the Biennale together. mehr


Duration: winter semester 2019/20 Because of the political situation, this trip had to be canceled! mehr

St. Petersburg

Duration: summer semester 2019 Reviewers: Prof. Dr. Marion Kalmer, Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Dr. mehr

16. International Architecture Exhibition

Duration: summer semester 2018 Reviewers: Faculty of Architeture Semester: Faculty of Architeture mehr


Duration: winter semester 2017/ 2018 Reviewers: Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Dominik Schöll,  Prof. Dr. mehr


Duration: Summer semester 2016 Reviewers: Prof. Florian Fischer, Dr.-Ing. Mark Kammerbauer, Roland Bachmann Semester: Bachelor mehr


Duration: Wintersemester 2015/ 2016 Reviewers: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch, Prof. Dr. Johannes Bach ( Fac. SoWi.), Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Josef Reindl, Prof. Christian Rösner Semester: Bachelor, Master mehr


Duration: Sommersemester 2015 Reviewers: Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Michael Stösslein, Prof. Gunnar Tausch, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Bachelor 4 mehr

14. Internationale Architektur-Biennale Venedig

Duration: Wintersemester 2014/2015 Reviewers: Prof. Horst Dittrich, Prof. Florian Fischer, Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Dr. Roland Krippner, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Master mehr

Tour de France

Excursion of the BU 4.0 Studio, site visit of buildings by “Lacaton & Vassal”, workshop with Anne Lacaton. 3 recreational vehicles, 15 students, 1 professor and 2500 km. Duration: Sommersemester 2014 Reviewers: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Master mehr