Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

This Time Tomorrow – 3

Time: WS23/24

Semester: Bachelor

The Floating University, a place for art, culture and knowledge exchange, is located in the rainwater retention basin at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. The new design combines the existing buildings into a complex along a straight axis with three plazas. The first comprises the material store, the noisy laboratory and the workshop, introduced by a pergola with an archive of reused railway poles.A ramp leads to the entrance, while information boards show the past and present along the ramp. Two stacked containers lead the way to the next square with the laboratory and workshop, which is set into the basin. A ramp provides barrierfree access, while further spaces such as the sanitary building and the greenhouse are created along the axis. The space is defined by translucent polycarbonate web panels and a cycle of water, compost and manure. At the end of the walkway is a square with an office, auditorium, kitchen and bar. The office is semiwarm and adaptable for workshops and seminars, while the bar has a movable roof that follows the position of the sun. The foundation consists of reused railway sleepers for the foundation and planking, supported by tension rails.

Article by Lea Ehrlich, Sven Nagler