Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen


Thinking ahead

Method: Seminar Time: Winter semester 2023/24 Instructor: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch Semester: Master In this seminar, students will select a topic of their own choosing, which will be discussed and approved by the instructor. mehr

Chronologie einer Ideologie

Publisher: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch On behalf of the Georg Simon Ohm Technical University of Nuremberg, Department of Architecture, Theory of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Architecture. mehr

Manual of Materials

Time: Wintersemester 2023/24 Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch, Jonas Urbasik, Patrick Kurzendorfer, Michael Feil Semester: Bachelor 5 + Bachelor Thesis mehr

Tomorrow comes today - learning by pooing

Time: Sommersemester 2023 Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch, Jonas Urbasik Semester: Master In cooperation with the floating e.V., the design takes place on the premises of the Floating University in Berlin Kreuzberg, a place that has evolved into a symbol of a new architectural aesthetic without building permission. mehr

This Time Tomorrow - 5

Time: WS23/24 These: Bachelor In this design didactics, Nœud follows both a rational-parametric approach with regard to localisation and the urban planning approach, but at the same time maintains a human-intuitive spatial experience with regard to its spatial nature. mehr

This Time Tomorrow - 4

Time: WS23/24 These: Bachelor With its location on the Tempelhof rainwater retention basin, the Floating University is situated on an extraordinary site. mehr

This Time Tomorrow - 3

Time: WS23/24 Semester: Bachelor The Floating University, a place for art, culture and knowledge exchange, is located in the rainwater retention basin at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. The new design combines the existing buildings into a complex along a straight axis with three plazas. mehr

This Time Tomorrow - 2

Time: WS23/24 Semester: Bachelor The Floating University is an intercultural meeting place where people can work together on issues of the future. The structure of the learning centre is located in a retention basin next to Tempelhofer Feld. mehr

This Time Tomorrow - 1

Time: WS23/24 Semester: Bachelor The idea of a Floating University, catering to the diverse needs of its users, and focusing on arrival and social exchange is very interesting. The concept of a modular Cube system that allows users to design their own spaces is innovative and flexible. mehr

Best Before - Market

Time: Summersemester 2023 Semester: Bachelor The role of architecture in the fight against climate change is a key issue in today's social debate. The question arises as to what means budding architects can use to contribute to sustainable change. mehr