Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen


Architectural History II

Method: documentation in a learning diary Time: summer semester 2021 Lecturer: Nina Rind Semester: bachelor 2 mehr

Architectural History I

Method: documentation in a learning diary Time: winter semester 2020/21 Lecturer: Nina Rind Semester: bachelor 1 mehr

"Tempelhofer Collagen" Berlin

Aim: Master design for the "Tempelhofer Feld" in Berlin Time: winter semester 2020/2021 mehr

ruins of hope

Topic: How can the revitalization of historically shaped places in a city promote integration? To answer the question, the opportunities and potentials of architecture mehr

With love for the prefabricated buildings "Plattenbau".

Topic: The discovery of plate diversity. Is it a possible approach, through implementation in the form of a new building, which adapts concise characteristics and qualities of the "Plattenbau" architecture mehr

Housing VII

Method: building analysis Time: winter term 2020/21 Critics: Jennifer Raum, Anja Davé, Prof. Carola Dietrich, Mathieu Wellner, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch mehr

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Method: Elaboration of an essay and documentation of a building by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Time: winter semester 2020/21 Critics: Prof. Carola Dietrich, Jennifer Raum, Mathieu Wellner, Prof. Dr. mehr

Positions X

Method: fictitious correspondence between two architects of architectural theory Time: winter semester 2020/2021 mehr

Public Private House - Lecture Athens

Book presentation and discussion: Modern Athens and its "Polykatoikia" Organizer: Goethe Institut Athen mehr

Building Urban Utopia

Topic: To what extent can the city or its infrastructure be redensified to provide (social) housing space that enables the mixing of social groups? mehr

The collective memory wins the wa award 2020!

We congratulate Fabian Weis for winning the wa award 2020! "Due to the corona crisis, unfortunately, the wa award 2020 is also cancelled! mehr

Kulturhauptstädtla wins Baunetz Award!

Congratulations to Kulturhauptstädtla! BauNetz awards the Kulturhauptstädtla with the 2nd place Topic: Kulturhauptstädtla: Exhibition pavilion for Nuremberg's cultural workers Student: Benedikt Buchmüller Duration: summer semester 2019 mehr