Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

Public Private House – Lecture Athens

Book presentation and discussion:
Modern Athens and its “Polykatoikia”

Organizer: Goethe Institut Athen

“We are pleased to invite you to our first event after the summer break. Within the framework of our thematic focus on architecture – Bauhaus in Athens, Alcestis P. Rodi, Panos Dragonas, Michalis Langenfass, Thomas Maloutas, Panayotis Tournikiotis and Richard Woditsch will present the anthology “The Public Private House – Modern Athens and its Polykatoikia”.

The authors of the volume examine the architectural and urban features of the Polykatoikia in the context of its historical, geographical and sociological dimensions. They also present analytical and discursive perspectives on polycatoikia and discuss its significance in the context of global urban challenges. The polykatoikia proves to be an example of how a vernacular mass product is sustainably adaptable thanks to private developments, promotes the appropriation of space by its inhabitants and brings together public and private life in the Greek city.”

Goethe Institut Athen