Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

The collective memory wins the wa award 2020!

We congratulate Fabian Weis for winning the wa award 2020!

“Due to the corona crisis, unfortunately, the wa award 2020 is also cancelled!

Because nobody knows what the virus is doing, it does not make sense to set another date now, which will probably not take place again. That is a great pity!” wa wettbewerbe aktuell

“We from wa, and the entire jury agreed: This was a very special award with a great many very good designs. You, dear finalists*, did particularly well and we are incredibly sorry that we cannot honour this with a festive award ceremony this year!
Congratulations again to you all – you are all winners!

The complete wa award with all the plans of the winners and finalists will be published soon in the new free wa vision.


Student: Fabian Weis

Topic: How can architecture trigger an awareness of transience and the associated melancholy and what social relevance and urban presence should such places have?


Critics: Prof. Carola Dietrich, Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch