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BDA-SARP-Award 2019

BDA-SARP-Award 2019 awarded 
The Association of German Architects BDA and the Polish Architects Association
SARP have awarded this year’s BDA-SARP-Award. The endowed with € 2,500
Bilateral Junior Research Award is awarded to graduates of the field of architecture.
The main prize went to a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology.
In addition, a special award went to Wroclaw and three awards to Munich and Nuremberg.

With the BDA-SARP-Award 2019 Dominika Strzałka (Cracow University of
Technology) for her project “Miedzianka, the history of disappearing”.

In addition, the jury awarded a special award to Michał Wasielewski
(University of Science and Technology Wrocław) for the thesis “City Treasure.
Storage for National Museum at Gaj Hill “.

Awards went to:
Maximilian Blume (Technical University of Munich): “Utopia. Urbanization and corporate living ”

Sebastian Strobl (Academy of Fine Arts Munich): “simply be there”

Fabian Weis (Nuremberg University of Technology): “Archive for the collective memory.
Reinterpretation of the postwar modernist housing estate at the Einsteinring Nuremberg ”

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