Theorie der Architektur und Entwerfen

Craftsmanship vs. craftiness: The Greek polykatoikia as “adequate” architecture

Traditional craftsmanship and modern mass production span a field of tension that is also reflected in the built environment. We discuss the polykatoikia as an example of how the dualism of architectural „crafsmannship“ and „craftiness“ result in a mass product with the potential for sustained adaptability in and of the Greek city. The Polykatoikia is a building type that originates in the concept of the „Maison Dom-Ino“ and was adapted to the Greek context.

An article by Richard Woditsch and Mark Kammerbauer about „the Greek polykatoikia as „adequate“ achitecture“.

Kammerbauer, Woditsch: Craftsman vs. craftiness, the Greek polykatoikia as „adequate“ achitecture. Dialectic VI, 2018, S.28-34

Magazine: Dialectic VI: Craft – the art of making architecture

Publisher: ORO Editions

Dialectic VI

ISBN: 978-1-940743-41-7